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Data analysis

Data analysis

Reporting and analysis

It is important for every company to work economically. That's why we continuously analyze our customers' data. This includes, for example, sales channels, penetration rates, prices and the product portfolio. Together with you - our partners - we then decide which optimization proposals should be implemented first. For this decision-making process, take advantage of the consulting expertise of Société Générale Insurance.

Of course, we also support you during the tests, the project implementation and coordinate our range of services with you according to your specific needs. We regularly review our services: We use customer surveys, quality audits or certifications to find out whether your customer feels he is in good hands. This is a regular part of our performance management and control. In this way, we aim to become better, more transparent and closer.

Check and improve

If a product is well received and does not need to be changed at first glance, it may still be the structures or business models that require adaptation. The faster digitization progresses, the more demanding people become in terms of service and performance. That's why we like to check once more whether it's time to set our sights on a more efficient solution. A process module, an application, a payment process - the customer experience knows no boundaries.

Use the consulting expertise of Société Générale Insurance for the decision-making process. Our many years of experience in insurance projects at home and abroad and a friendly team of experts will help you find the best solution for you.

  • Perhaps these questions are already part of the process:

  • What would your target group like?

  • How can existing insurance business be increased?

  • Which new products have the greatest potential?

  • What are the best current sales channels?

  • How high is the implementation effort?

  • How quickly can the implementation take place?

  • Which offering will ensure profitability?


Flexibel und innovationsfreudig - so entwickeln wir mit Ihnen die nächsten Projektschritte. Dabei haben wir die Sicherheit aller Daten im Blick. Veränderung ist mit unserer Erfahrung und Stabilität stets eine Chance.